Why does this appear?

Silent musical film | 52 MIN.





“Why Does This Appear?” is a silent musical film, merging fiction and documentary, performance and storytelling, musical and cinematographic narrative expressions. Interdisciplinary nature of this project motivates its original goal – a perfect balance between the mediums.

The basis of the script is the nine most vivid memories of seven characters of the film. However, this work’s narrative is built without words: only employing cinematic language and music that create nine silent scenes. Following the chain of memories, personal stories in the film are told and retold: every time mildly changing the emphasis of each memory. With the disappearing line between real and imaginary past experiences, the subjective nature of memory reveals itself. “Why Does This Appear?” is a film where the surreal world of silhouettes intertwines with a documentary: a kind of illusion whose actors are the performers of Vilnius contemporary music ensemble “Synaesthesis”.

WDTA invites for a meditative audiovisual reflection about memory. On one hand it is a mosaic of personal moments appearing on the screen, revealing individual, even intimate relation we have with our memories, but on the other hand the film touches a fundamentally universal subject – the memory itself.