The atmospheric video of the Blue collection continues to consistently develop post-apocalyptic aesthetics based on absurdity, nostalgia and instability.

 “The quiet thoughts of despair has wandered into the early memories of the community gardens. The periphery of the strangest forms and meanings, crispy silence, drowned in enormous shadows, not clear where begins or where it ends.” 

The phenomenon of collective gardens which then covered whole country, has survived only in fragments, through the filter of softly sad memories which stronger then ever relate to the world we see today, distant and self-isolated from society. 

Cast & Crew

Art director & Designer – Morta Nakaitė

Director – Kristijonas Dirsė

Composer – Dominykas Digimas

Cinematographer – Linas Žiūra

Choreographer – Agnietė Lisičkinaitė

Producer – Liucina Mackialo

Production – Kristijonas Dirsė

Make Up – Reta Jončaitė

Models – Lora Kmieliauskaitė , Greta Grinevičiūtė

Music performed by – Twenty Fingers Duo

Lights – Jokūbas Miškinis, Lukas Karalius

Recording studios – MAMA Studios

Partners -WOLT, Cinevera, Lonas, Drift ART, Vaidotas Digimas, Živilė Čepulienė


Project is sponsored by Lithuanian Council for Culture