Warp in the rain

experimental film | 7'45''

Except for all of these and all other

Events of any scale or duration

Its fine man, by Pumping Station Four

As we all

Warp in the rain.

Director's note:

The first time I read Nick’s Poem I found it so dark and trippy, somehow reflecting my own London experience. After leaving London, I have been living in Paris for a few years already. One day Colin, a great composer, friend, and my musicianship professor, emailed me about this project. I knew Nick as a psychogeographer, together with Will Self they brought a group of students for a dérive somewhere between Brunel University and Heathrow airport, and I was very happy to be in that group. The first poem of his that I read was “Warp in the Rain”. I got the feeling of it straight away, which rarely happens when reading poetry in a foreign language. The solitude of the man, soaked in the rain; warp of matter and time; industrial cityscape and liminal places like Pumping Station 4. All those elements very organically merged into this strange film, combining animation, street videography, video collage, compositing, and lip-synch.  

Music: Colin Riley

Poetry: Nick Papadimitriou

Film: Kristijonas Dirse

From the album ‘In Place’, 2018