Photography always intrigued me as a form of art, where the notion of timeline does not exist, unlike music, film, or even literature. I started to photograph out of a passion to observe passers-by, so my thing was street photography.

During my bachelors in London I started to photograph every event I was attending, most of the times they were organised by the School of Arts, therefore featuring various performances. Soon enough I started to get paid gigs as an event photographer and got to practice my portrait photography skills doing portfolios for actors.

Now I am doing both studio and field, event photography and in my free time, I still find time for street photography.

Moving images – it’s a format I use to capture the movement in a suite of photographs. They are looped to be in endless movement – therefore don’t have the dimension of time, narrative or story. To be perceived just like photography works, where it’s up to you to decide how long you want to see it for.

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